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Welcome to KBRV Country online! The fastest way to find out what is happening with our station and your community.

What’s Happening

Bar J Wranglers  BAR J WRANGLERS COME TO MONTPELIERCome see Bar J Wranglers on Wednesday, April 30th, 2014. Look here for info about location and ticket prices. [more]
Listen to KBRV on your radio or stream online every MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, and FRIDAY at 3:30 pm for a chance to win in our trivia challenges.
A new way to find out what’s happening in the community. Listen to KBRV at 7:15 am, 9:45 am, and 4:15 pm for announcements. Add your announcement to the Pipeline by bringing your information to the station between 7-11 am or 3-6 pm.
935868_10201285156125375_460244344_n MORNINGS WITH BETH
Keep listening to KBRV from 6 to 11 am for a chance to win prizes and for details on upcoming events.
1001716_10201285158445433_1110621680_n AFTERNOON SHOW
Enjoy listening to “Robbie” in the afternoons from 3-6 pm.
limo Watch for the KBRV stretch limo in your area!

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